Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Journeying Towards Digital Literacy

Digital literacy, or the ability to understand and use technology safely and effectively, is growing in importance as society becomes more and more focused on technology.   It is common to see educators teaching students who are using computers, iPads, and other electronic devices in the classroom.   There is no doubt that the majority of students know exactly how to work a device, but they may not know to use the device effectively to get the most out of their education.  As teachers, it is important for us to show students that technology is an outstanding resource for learning if used correctly.  To help us better understand digital literacy, a professor gave us an option of three different resources to explore. I decided to look at is a website designed to connect education and technology.  This website has a plethora of information located under five tabs near the top of the webpage.  Because this website is packed full of information, it would be extremely difficult for me to be able to explain every resource that can be found, but I do want to give a breakdown of the site in case this website is being considered for use in the classroom setting.  Much like all websites, there could be both positive and negatives found woven within the webpage, but overall the authors of do an excellent job of achieving what they desire: to connect technology and education. 

Pluses of the website-
-          - Extremely informative
-          - Articles from multiple authors offering different ideas and points of view
-         -  Tabs that are easy to understand and follow
-         -  Resources for students and teachers
-          - Social media tab for students- a resource that will catch their eye
-          - You can create an account for this site
-         -  Students could review articles on the site during class

Minuses of the website-
-          - Does not have many resources for parents
-          - The site may be overwhelming in a classroom due to so much information
-          - No interactive games for students
-          - Not designed for lower grades- definitely recommend this website for high school and beyond

What’s interesting about the website-
-         -  “The Teacher’s Guide” tab- breaks down different social media sites and classroom ideas for teachers. This part of the website would be a great resource, especially if you are new to an idea.
-          - Because there is so much on the website, it is interesting that there isn't more resources for parents. They are a big part of education.   

 Even if a teacher decided this website would not be an effective tool to use in their class, it would still be an outstanding resource for them to refer to for ideas and information! I will certainly refer to it in the future!


  1. I agree with you completely that the social media tab will catch the interest of the students. It is definitely challenging to incorporate social media into the classroom, but I think if students are given this opportunity then they will better understand what is expected out of them digitally. I also was very interested in the Teacher's Guide tab and agree with you that this would be a great resource for upper grades!

  2. Thanks for beginning your post with a definition of the topic you're discussing. That's a good practice that you should continue. You've provided a thoughtful evaluation of the resources available for teaching digital literacy on this site. It sounds like the Teacher's Guide section is a helpful resource. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  3. I strongly agree with you that both the students and teachers need to know how to effectively use technology. As teachers we need to know how to implement education into it. The website you have can be helpful for teachers. I also agree in the point you made about targeting older students. Overall, I really like the resource.

  4. I had never heard of this resource before but it's definitely helpful, It's great that we've come so far in the world of technology but it won't do us any good if we aren't teaching younger generations to use it properly. The younger they learn how to represent themselves online the better because technology is always going to be a part of their lives.